Techni offers consulting in innovation in action

to promote inclusive sustainability.

We deeply investigate, innovate and co-create new paths
to prosperity and evolution for all.

How we work


We support clients and partners to sustain the value creation of their activities when integrating and strengthening their businesses in the sustainability tripod: social, economic and environmental.

Each client has a unique role in the co-creation of an evolutionary path. A new path that contributes to a world where:

  • All experience prosperity
  • People are valued, have a sense of purpose and experience well-being and fulfilment
  • Economic and social development occurs within the limits of the planet, according to the regenerative capacity of nature,
  • Collaborative partnerships, which honour the differences and values of all involved, allow the emergence of creative solutions that generate profound impact in individuals, culture and systems.

For the clients who wish, we facilitate network engagement with their stakeholders and offer support in the activation of multiple capital gains from their activities, in addition to the financial: ecological, technological, human, health, social, cultural, psychological, spiritual and knowledge capital. And, also, align the value creation in accordance with the sustainable development goals, the main universal development agenda.

Working in networks

We work as a 4th sector, in a collaborative network with governments, companies, industries, civil society organizations, communities and individuals. We thoroughly investigate, innovate and co-create new pathways to drive deep processes of transformation and change to promote a prosperous, sustainable and regenerative world.



The framework that structures Techni’s work integrates the human and social areas and their applications in psychology, sociology, adult development and theories of change, alongside the systemic approach of finance, ecology, public policy, infrastructure, technology, ecology, complex thinking and systems thinking.

Each approach is adapted and customized to the interests and needs of each client.

For clients who wish to deepen and to lead transformational processes with their employees, customers, suppliers and collaborators, we support the co-creation of processes so that their businesses and activities are sustained on 4 pillars, people, planet, purpose and prosperity and are aligned with the sustainable development goals. We broaden the focus on generating monetary value and on the social, economic and environmental tripod to activate all the possible values that the institutional activity can generate:

  • Value of individual well-being, both psychological and physical (health and behavioural): people
  • Value of the well-being of individuals and the social, economic, technological and environmental progress that occurs in accordance with the regenerative capacity of nature: prosperity
  • Value of social and cultural relations and connections that are aligned with the planetary limits: planet
  • Value of the meaningfulness of activities for individuals and culture so that they develop and realize their full potential in harmony, individually and collectively: purpose

At the edge with clients and partners

Our services


We work with governments, businesses, civil society organizations, communities and individuals, supporting the co-creation of deep transformation and change processes towards inclusive sustainability practices.

The services, grounded in technical-scientific evidence, focus on consulting in business, environmental, urban development, applications in chemical engineering and human development. To increase the impact of projects, we offer support in the areas of content and communication strategy for dissemination.

  • Integrate sustainability as a core part of business
  • Support clients in identifying and aligning their purposes so that they have a greater impact on society, culture and the planet’s regeneration
  • Maximize and sustain monetary gain from business, promoting prosperity for employees and all stakeholders, according to the regenerative capacity of the planet
  • Support measurement of the multiple capital values and impact on individuals, culture and the system
  • Support the design and implementation of action aimed at deep adaptation and resilience, considering the current scenarios of climate emergency and resource depletion
  • Co-create, introduce and sustain change plans in transition projects such as: redesign of industrial processes, energy efficiency, renewable energy and energy transition, water management, solid waste management, circular economy, shared economy, transport and mobility, infrastructure solutions based on nature and conscious consumption
  • Co-create technological and social innovation laboratories engaging governments, companies, civil society
  • Support the structuring of fundraising projects

Amplify your impact in your personal life and in society, providing prosperity for all on the planet.

Our Customers


C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group was a dedicated client from 2011 to 2018. Working with the mayor’s office of several global megacities, especially Rio de Janeiro, advising the chair of the organization between 2013 and 2016, and coordinating local and global scale projects to promote low-carbon, inclusive and resilient urban development, with several partners, were some of the main focuses.

Engagement and mobilization projects focused on renewable energy, energy efficiency, transportation and mobility, waste management and circular economy, low-carbon urban planning, adaptation and resilience, and carbon management, in addition to participating in the design and delivery of several international events in the context of Rio+20, Climate Week in New York, COP-21 in Paris, COP-23 in Bonn and meetings of C40 mayors in Johannesburg, Rio de Janeiro and Mexico City.

Prior to this, other clients included the Manguinhos Oil Refinery (business redesign for biodiesel production), Ouranos Consultoria (biomass energy projects, sustainable tourism, innovations in community projects) and the Forest Peoples Network (carbon measurement and support for agroforestry projects for indigenous communities in the Amazon), the advertising agency Artplan (engagement for sustainability), among others.

The wings of transformation are born of patience and struggle
Janet S. Dickens

Techni’s trajectory


Here, you will find a brief overview of Techni’s trajectory in the form of media links, which contain news about events, projects, lectures, courses and media coverage over the past decade. Visit the gallery.